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Famous Wout Smeulders Janssen Pigeons in Australia

Holland → Canada → Australia!

The late Wout Smeulders of Nuenen in the south of Holland is a name in the pigeon sport that needs no introduction.  He was a legend with his Janssen pigeons and fanciers from all over the world visited him to see his birds.  Much has already been written about him and it is not my intention to add to this but I would like to quote an article titled “The Wout Smeulders Dynasty” written by Joop Esktijn where he says of Smeulders “Famous 531” “The sons and daughters turned the sky into gold in Holland for fanciers that owned them”

Canada – Gus Tzotos

In 1991 Wout Smeulders passed away.  After a few months the family decided to sell all his birds. Gus Tzostzos of Canada was contacted.  He immediately flew to Holland and was able to purchase all the key birds for his breeding stud Jojo International at great expense. As the Smeulders pigeons did in Holland so they did in Canada for the fanciers lucky enough to be able to obtain them.

Australia – Steve Lucas

Steve Lucas of Melbourne Victoria was the first to import Wout Smeulders pigeons into Australia.  He visited lofts in Canada on two occasions to personally select breeding stock of the “637” and “531” lines.  Included in his purchases were birds direct from Jojos’ own breeding birds.  He purchased birds from all the principle stock birds including from “Champion 02”, “Terminator”, the “Golden Couple”, ”Big Girl”, “Champ”, “Oogoppel” and “Sterke Blauwe”.  From these initial purchases and their children came winners galore for flyers all over Australia.

Australia – Guff Weis (Pioneer Lofts)

Early in 2006 Steve Lucas sold his pigeons.  All the principle pigeons from Jojos were purchased at great expense by Pioneer Lofts of Wollongong NSW.  Among them were three direct children of Wout Smeulders famous “Golden Couple”“Golden 1” Blue Cock CU-94-1697, “Golden 2” Blue Cock CU-95-13444 and “Pure Gold” Slate Hen CU-95-30511. We alsopurchased the magnificent producing hen CU-94-1671 Blue Chequer Pied Hen “Miss Saigon” a daughter of “Showgun”.